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         ​​​​​REAL COMMENTS ​​​​

​         from parents

"The improvements in reading and spelling were  great, but the improvement in self esteem was an even greater, unanticipated outcome!"

—Mom of 13 yr old non-speller who became a spelling whiz                          

"No more crying at homework time and when asked to read or write."

—Mom of student with dyslexia

"I can not thank you enough for the changes I have seen in my son. You have done a wonderful job with him.
When I think of how far he has come, I just want to cry."

—Loudon County dad of 3rd grader with Dyslexia & ADHD

"Nothing helped my child until you started working with her. Now she enjoys reading every night."

—Loudon County mom of 2nd grader with dyslexia

​​​​​​REAL HELP for Math
Success begins with the development of numerical processing skills through a variety of kinesthetic activities and innovative methods based on the latest research in dyscalculia and neurology.  These skills unlock abilities to learn math facts, problem solve, and accurately perform mental calculations. We replace rote learning with true understanding and provide the resources to fill in those learning gaps up to Algebra and beyond!

for children and adults

with learning disabilities!

REAL HELP for Reading and Spelling 

Over 80% of reading and spelling difficulties are due to deficits in auditory processing skills. Other areas of difficulty are often found in, but not limited to, visual processing, attention, speed of processing, and working memory.  Difficulty in two or more areas can contribute to a learning disability, even in individuals with average or above average IQ.  We offer comprehensive intervention to strengthen all processing skills which build  increased abilities to apply towards our follow up reading and spelling instruction where students see unsurpassed success. 

Your success is our business!

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Early Intervention



Learning Dynamics identifies and remediates cognitive processing weaknesses

 with research-based programs to support improved academic performance.

​​​​Reading below grade level?  Struggling with math? 

Limited memory or attention?  Dyslexia?  Dyscalculia?  ADHD?

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Learning Dynamics

Help available for the following areas:

ADHD​​ Program:
Applied Behavior Analysis

Reading and Spelling
Auditory Processing

A Dyslexia Success Story

 In second grade, my daughter's academic performance was way below grade level. She was having so much trouble with numbers, word sounds, reading and writing that her teachers recommended that she repeat second grade. I enrolled her in a traditional tutoring service twice a week with little to no improvement. She was tested by school psychologists near the end of second grade and was found to have dyslexia. 

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80% of learning disabilities are due to

weaknesses in cognitive processing skills

In the fall of third grade, she started a processing skills and reading/spelling program with Margie Keyser of Learning Dynamics.  Upon finishing these programs, she no longer needed separate reading and math intervention classes and was reading above grade level by the end of third grade.

In fifth grade, we enrolled her in Learning Dynamics for math two days a week to further boost her math abilities.  She became a top student in her math class, was promoted to the next tier in math for sixth grade and scored advanced on the math TCAP!

​​​​​What an incredible help this has been! It is well worth it!   —KW, Maryville ​

UPDATE: Middle of 6th grade, now promoted to top tier of math classes!  Learning Dynamics students retain new skills and continue to improve!


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      REAL RESULTS ​​​​

​         from school

"Word call/decoding skills are progressing way beyond expectation."IEP statement

"STAR Reading Test went from 1.5 to 3.8 GE."

"Word attack skills increased from AE 7.8 - 10.7."

"Baseline reading fluency went from 54 wpm to 128 wpm."

"Seen amazing progress this year!"

—IEP statement