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Marjorie Keyser, M.S. SpEd.

Margie Keyser brings more than 30 years of experience in teaching with an extensive career as an educator in public and private schools in five different states and a variety of settings from inner city schools to Appalachian coal fields.   She has taught pre-school through high school in regular and special education classrooms, as well as homeschooled her own four children for a number of years and taught private classes in math and science for homeschool co-ops.

Her experience, combined with degrees in Early Childhood Education (JMU), Masters of Special Education (UT) and additional graduate coursework in reading and special education provide her with a solid basis for understanding the foundations of learning.  As a licensed teacher in the state of Tennessee with endorsements to teach Preschool through Elementary, Gifted and Talented K - 12, Mild to Moderate Learning Disabilities, and Severe to Profound Learning Disabilities, she is equipped with concentrated coursework and teaching experience in a full spectrum of special needs.
In addition, she has studied special reading and learning disabilities programs such as Wilson, Orton Gillingham,  NILD (National Institute of Learning Disabilities) and PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) with Master the Code for accelerated remedial reading and spelling. She has 15 years of experience with PACE/MTC including advanced training. Her recent thesis work on dyscalculia at UT has led to the development of a sequential math program for mastery of number sense and math facts with application to higher math skills.

Kimber Horenburg

Kimber is a licensed trainer in PACE and MTC. Her gifts of teaching, insight, and creativity combined with experience make her an effective trainer. She brings a wealth of talent to our center with her broad background as a home educator for grades 1 -12, including work with cognitive enhancement and vision therapy. With a B.A. in Applied Ecology/Environmental Health Science, she has fifteen years of experience as a professional technical writer creating training curriculum and procedures as well as studies and reports for private and governmental agencies. She has been a private instructor in high school level biology, chemistry and physics classes offered through BHEA, SIEGE and Thursday Connection.  In addition, she has completed many training hours in curriculum administration and special education in the areas of Language Arts, Math and General Education.

Anne Winsauer

Anne is a licensed PACE/Master the Code trainer and experienced middle school classroom teacher. She is also an extremely talented artist, having taught jr. high and high school art as well as working one summer as a Disney portrait artist. She has experience creating workshops in animation, architecture and advertising. Her calling and passion for working with individuals with cognitive disabilities led her to create her own business,

Art for Autism LLC, in which she enables students to develop cognitive thought processes through a wide range of visual art media. She is a Knoxville native and has many connections to support agencies for individuals with disabilities, particularly autism.

Karen Ellis

Karen is a licensed PACE and Master the Code cognitive trainer. She received her B.S. in Education from ETSU. As a Tennessee licensed teacher in grades K-8, she is experienced teaching in both public and private schools as well as homeschool. Committed to serve students with excellence, she has continued her professional development in the areas of dyslexic training and writing. Karen is an energetic and enthusiastic individual and enjoys serving her community as a dedicated volunteer.

​​​​​​​​​​What we value

Each person's life is a gift from God therefore we believe in the dignity and worth of each person and the importance of helping them achieve their potential in life.

​​​​Our mission

To provide affordable and effective educational interventions through cognitive skills development and enhanced tutoring, based on the latest research in the fields of neurology, psychology, and education.​

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